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Challenge Accepted…

20 Jul

Happy Thursday/Friday.

Hello my poppets.

Back on track this week. After behaving myself food wise and not being sick. A teeny bit of exercise and I have managed to lose 2.5lbs this week. New weight is 15st8lbs. NICE!!!

I think I got a little bored of tracking over the past few weeks. This losing weight and getting healthy lark is hard and tiring and yes I know the ultimate rewards are more than worth it, I miss being a greedy pig. I miss eating whole pizzas and stuff.


Soooooo last week I set my new mini goal. 11lbs by the 30th August. So thats now 6 weeks to lose 9lbs. Get in Leelee. I can totes do that. 1.5lb a week. Boom

I have now also found a new fitness challenge.

The 5×50 challenge. It’s starts in September. The mission? To walk, jog, run or cycle 5km a day for 50 days (consecutively).

Harder than it seems. I aim to do this on top of my usual daily walking.

It’s in aid of sports relief but all you do is donate 5quid when you sign up.

So who’s in? Take a look at the website. Anyone can do this.

I did my first run this Wednesday since my 10km on the 2nd July. Was so frustrated. I ran 5km and was just 2seconds away from beating my personal best. I was finishing on a hill and it was so hard. I really pushed. Next time aye. (still looking for run partners and also looking for a bike, if anyone has one I can have…..)


This lucozade drink is delishio. 1propoint per bottle. Love that shizz.


And this is my new indulgent treat. YooMoo! 4 points per 150ml and it’s super nom. tropical flavour is my favourite.


Oh and I have to big up this lunch I had today at work.


Haloumi, roast aubergine and courgette. With a tomato and cucumber salad. Soooooo delicious.

That’s it from me now.

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Cake made lovingly by Chars Cakery


Thursday, Thursday

31 May

Happy Thursday everyone!

Well Friday by the time most of you read this. Heehee

Sooooo. Weigh in day today.

Once again the nerves got me as the clock crept closer to 5.30pm

Going over in my head all the snacks and indulgences I’d had. Was the exercise enough to counter it?

Was I finally going to under 16stone. A whole new weight bracket.

I just knew I shouldn’t have had pizza express on Sunday. And what about that Tesco finest paella I had on Wednesday!! Eeeeek

I have been very naughty this week, I weighed myself in the week and didn’t like what I saw. Beth (flatmate) if you’re reading this, please hide the scales again.

So yes, very nervous.

Also, the deal I had made with my weight watchers leader was to be UNDER 16stone. Not 16stone on the button.

So I get to the meeting. I do the shop there. It’s something I really enjoy and allows me to talk to loads of members and find out how they are doing.

So I set up the shop.

It usually looks like this:


And decided it was now or never. I didn’t want to look at the scales. Saz told me to take off my glasses so I couldn’t see. I felt so certain of disappointment. And then I heard my Leader say “sorry Leeanne”…….


1lb off! 15stone 13lbs. A new official!!! Officially under SIXTEEN STONE!

Fricking ace!

Actual tears in my eyes. So so happy.

So hear we are. I’m in bed, smiling like a loon.

Also feeling a bit smug that I got up at 6am this morning to run a 5k.

Basically, I’m on fire!

The only thing that can stop me is me.

Please look out for a very special post on Sunday. Xxxx

I’ll leave you with this…