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Spartan Family Sunday Collaboration with Nike Fly Knit

20 Aug


I’ve been attending the Spartan family work-outs for almost a month now, so when Chaka told us about this special event Spartan Family Sunday in conjunction with Nike I knew it was going to be an epic day.

Up until just a few days before it was a complete mystery how the day would run. All we knew was there would be food, Vita Coco and hard work happening!
On arrival at Aske Gardens in Hackney on Sunday 19th August, the vibe was already electric. The sun was shining and I knew we were in for a treat. The small gated greenery had been transformed with music and giant trampolines. In the shade of the trees were massive bean bags ready for us to chill out on after our hard Spartan work outs.
As more people arrived T-shirts and training gloves generously supplied by Nike were handed out to us. We were now one! In our Spartan uniforms the community spirit was out in full force. A brief downpour of rain wasn’t going to stop us and as soon as the sun reappeared we were ready to roll. Spurred on by the enthusiastic and encouraging MC for the day, Rapper, Ty, we began.
The first work out started and we took over the tennis court. Chaka had been installed with a microphone and as his voice boomed out we knew there was no messing.
The gentle warm up soon turned in to a powerful body working session of core, abs and leg work, Push ups, squats and planks. Let us not forget the dreaded burpees.
I suppose that some of us thought, well since this was a “fun day” we might be given an easy time. Nope, this was as brutal as our Friday evening sessions. Perhaps even a little more so, since we were hear to prove to the people of Hackney that we are Spartans and this is how we really roll. The “games” followed next. Piggybacks and wheelbarrow races. Crazy hard work but so much fun. We cheered each other on with our mantra of “Ahooo”. The session ended with the traditional tug of war. Always a fierce competition with epitomises team work and joint strength. Every one was worthy competitor.
A sweaty hour or so later (and when I say sweaty I really mean it. It was approximately 30degrees and our bodies knew it) we ate. Amazing grilled chicken with salad and roasted veg. Insanely healthy and sooooooo nutritious. The adults replenished ourselves whilst the wonderful Spartan babies did their thing.
Kids aged between 4 and 14 showed us that it doesn’t matter what age you are, Spartan is within you. Supported by the Spartan family training team. They did almost the exact work out we did. They went hard and showed up so many adults. We have a new generation of Spartan superstars coming to get us.
ImageThe kids loved it. They felt grown and powerful and they certainly learnt a lot about what they can do with their bodies and health and team work too. So important in the kids of today. They too finished their session with the tug O war and it was amazing to watch. My nephew’s team won both rounds. I might be biased but they certainly did da ting.
During the break before the next adult session, everyone got to know each other and relax together. Soca music poured out over the gardens, early carnival vibes spread through the area and everywhere you looked there was a smiling face. One of the Spartan Family philosophies is that We are a community and Chaka stressed that when we left we should know the names of at least two people we had never met before. I think I went home with about 6 new names.
Most people who took part in the first session stayed and took part in the second as well as quite a few new faces. No time for apprehension or worry that our bodies wouldn’t hold up for a second session.
In we went, much like the first session, core work, cardio, abs and legs. Straight in to the games which continued along the same competitive themes. leapfrogs and more piggy back races and relays. People sprinting their hearts out.
Again the session finished with a smashing Tug O War match which was worthy of being televised it was so fierce. We lose as a team and we win as a team so at the end of the match we all dropped to the floor to do 20 burpees.
We ended the day with the traditional group photo and the call of “Spartans, what is your profession” The booming “Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo” I’m sure could be heard for miles around.
With thanks to all the Spartan Family team for setting up this great collaboration between Nike and the Fly Knit Collective, who gave us space, food and love as well as Vita Coco who kept us truly hydrated.

Note to Self….

13 Jul


Its been a while since I last blogged and this blog is a note to myself to remind that I should blog regardless of where my weight loss is at. Good or bad.

My last blog post I had lost 1.5lbs and my weight was 15st.11lbs. That was on the 14th June.

A month later lets see where I have been week by week.

21st June another 2lbs off, that took me to 15st9lbs

28th June, I stayed the same

05 July 1lbs on. Back up to 15st 10lb

This week, 12th June, another 0.5lb on

Current weight is 15st.10.5lbs

Not good enough really.

I’ll fill you in on what’s been happening.

1st July I did my 10k Race for Life. It was amazing. I beat my personal best and completed the race in 1hour, 5 mins, 27 second. Happy couldn’t even begin to describe it. When I signed up for the race it was because I needed incentive to exercise and help stay in track. It had been a long 6months getting to that point. A real journey.I’m so glad I did it. The question is, what next? More on that later.

The week after the run I was very tired and run down. I didn’t exercise at all and ate badly. I didn’t track, so having only put on 1lb I could handle that. I know that WW works and how to make it work.

This past week has been a different story. I was sick. I think it was food poisoning but the effects have lasted all week and In fact I haven’t been able to eat properly at all.

Some people close to me have said it might have been a virus as this thing really wiped me out. I was sleeping badly, waking up so nauseous and feeling so ill through out the day. No energy at all.
I thought having eaten so little, I must have lost weight, but nope, another 0.5lb on. Not really sure how or why but I don’t have the energy to challenge it.

So today! I am at day 1. Today is the day I go back to basics. track track track with a vengeance. Exercise starts again today and a new mini goal has been set!

The aim is to be under 15stone by 30th August weigh in. That’s 6 weeks to lose 11lbs. A safe rate to lose weight is 2lbs per week so this is a doable goal if I apply myself, which I absolutely can.

The aim after that is to be under 14stone by the end of October, but I’ll begin to cross that bridge when I get to the end of August.

The Saturday night before I got sick I was out with my friend who is one of the fittest, hottest girls I know. Coming up for 18 months ago now I found out about her journey and she is the person who made me realise I can achieve this and I know she wants me to succeed so I’m not going to fail her on this.

As always I am looking for people who want to run with me around the Lewisham/Blackheath area. Weekday evenings mainly and Sundays, but not Thursdays.

My next exercise goal is a half marathon. There is the Nike Run to the Beat half Marathon in October. I might give that a go, but I’m scared. 13miles is a lot more than 6. I would need a proper training plan. What do you all think?

Promise I wont leave my next post so long. I love it when you all hassle me to do more, so don’t be shy and if you think you can help me, I’m so open to ideas. Get in touch.