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That’ll Learn Me…

29 May

So! I think I might be over the lazy bug…maybe. Managed a couple of 5k runs already this week. Have been written a toning plan by my lovely friend and things are going well.

Over indulged a little on the weekend. Pizza Express had a 3 courses for £12.95 – who can resist?? Not me haha

But I wanted to tell you what happened to me last night.

My UK readers will know we have had some awesome heat over the past week. It’s been amazing.

I knew I wanted to run last night but wanted to wait until it was a bit cooler, so I watched Hollyoaks yay!

Left my place around 19.50 it was still stuffy but nice and cool.

Took a new route and went past some Wisteria Lane type street, where people I passed greeted me with smiles and admiring looks. Was great.

Did just over 5.6k and got home starving.

Started to make dinner. Chicken in a tomato-ish curry sauce, with 40g of rice and lots of veg. I deserved this feast of kings


But I was feeling sooooooo hot and a bit weak.

I sat down to eat, took two delicious mouthfuls and then sprinted to the bathroom where I sat on the floor for 15 minutes groaning and in awful nauseous pain. I’m going to be graphic now, I didn’t know if it wanted to come out the top or the bottom and was too scared to move in case it was both.

Dizziness and nausea passed and I thought “yay, time to eat”. Stood up and then projectile vomited, it was the worst thing ever. Those of you who have been long term readers or read back my posts will see I had this problem back in January. It wasn’t fun. This was worse than that.

It ended up in my hair, over my arms. I was all alone.

My boyfriend called me and I sobbed down the phone to him, then my mum phoned and after she had gotten over the shock of her youngest daughter wailing down the phone to her she laughed! (thanks mum) I sobbed for a good 5 minutes to her, then composed myself.

I was a mess.


I learnt a valuable lesson though. More sugar!!!!! I think my body just crashed in the heat. And no hot kitchens!

I feel much better today though and think its hysterical this morning. So thanks for letting me share with you.

See you in thursday for the Weigh In.