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Happy Birthday to me!

9 Jan


It’s my Birthday tomorrow. In fact by the time most of you read this it will be my birthday today. Happy birthday me.

I’m turning 28. I’m a proper adult.

I go to work, I pay my bills on time. I go to bed when I’m tired and mostly get up when I have to.

It’s not too shabby.

I also make crazy decisions like running a half marathon and a full marathon within weeks of each other.

The training has fully begun and with some minor adjustments I am doing the following training plan.


I’ve adjusted to make allowances for Run dem crew on Mondays and Tuesdays and the fact that a friend of mine has recently begun running. She is making such amazing improvements and is so much fun to run with that I can’t give up those lunchtime runs.

I’m making sure I get enough active and total rest.

So far so good….. Apart from the massive panic I had on Monday.

Run a marathon they said. It will be fun they said.

What if I can’t run the marathon? What if I faaaaaaail!

Then I went for a run and felt better. Funny that. Haha bonk.

I’m training well and I’ll run well and there is no way my family, friends and crew will not let me finish that marathon. So I’m cool now 🙂

I got me a marathon mentor. In fact I have many mentors all around me. So many kind offers and advice from seasoned pro’s. I’m lucky.

But I got me a mentor who ran his first marathon for London last year. And his experience is going to show me I can do this.

The Sue and Papa G clubbed together to get me a voucher for runners need. Two new pairs of runners, here I come! Thanks family!

No only do I have to train for this marathon, I have to fundraise for this marathon.

I need to raise £2,000 for my chosen charity, The London Community foundation. And it ain’t gonna be easy. But once again my support network is coming through for me in more ways than I could imagine.

I’m also organising a series of fundraising events.

The first of which is on 2nd February.

An evening of cocktails and fun.

All my UK readers are welcome and it costs £10 to come in.


I’m also going to be holding a zumbathon, maybe two. Details to follow.

If you would like to donate any prizes to my raffle, please get in touch. Any offers gratefully received.

Sooo, today is the 1st anniversary of my Weightwatchers meeting.

To celebrate, I lost 3.5lbs and finally! Finally can say I weigh 15st exactly. So thats exactly 3stone i’ve lost in my meetings. biggest thanks ever to my Weightwatchers leader, Saz Back and all my supportive friends at the meeting.

Omg! I’m going to be under 15stone!

What? Naaaaaah. Over 18stone and now I’m going to be under 15. Totes amaze mate, totes amaze.

So, in summary.

Happy birthday me!

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Come to my event


Best low-intensity workouts that burn calories – For lazy people!! like me!!!

3 Nov

Best low-intensity workouts that burn calories

If you are not into highly rigorous exercise, then more moderate workouts like Tai Chi, yoga or exercising in water can all offer a low-intensity alternative, yet still make a series dent in your calorie burn count.
Water workouts
Exercise in water is a great workout and ideal for those who are starting out in fitness or coming back after an injury. There are a variety of options, from a full aqua aerobic session to walking on underwater treadmills.
The water supports your bodyweight, minimising the impact on joints. The number of calories burned is dependent on the depth of the water – the deeper the water, the greater the calorie burn. On average, a half hour session will burn around 200 calories.
Tai Chi
At first sight, Tai Chi may not appear as the most taxing of workouts, yet the flowing succession of graceful movements can be a great calorie burner. Tai Chi may be low impact, yet a half hour session can burn on average 140 calories.
When done correctly, Tai Chi raises the heart rate significantly (to approximately 60 per cent of maximum). In addition to the calorie burn, there are other benefits including improved strength, flexibility, concentration and balance.
Inline skating
Skating provides a great low impact workout which some studies have suggested provides the same level of aerobic activity as running. The calorie burn will depend on your size, effort and route, but half an hour skating could burn around 200 calories.
Skating develops muscles in the entire upper leg, rear end and hip, as well as the lower back. Muscles in the upper arms and shoulders are also developed when arms are swung backwards and forwards while skating. Increase your calorie burn just by swinging more vigorously.

Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout and suitable for all due to the water cushioning on your joints as you swim. Breaststroke is the lowest intensity stroke and as such burns fewer calories – around 180 calories for a half hour session – but it’s also enables you to swim for longer.
Breaststroke expands the lungs, works the chest muscles and inner thigh, shoulders, triceps, legs and hamstrings – and some even swear it increases the size of your breasts! Swimming other strokes can increase your calorie burn.
Yoga is great for improving your strength, flexibility, muscle tone and reducing stress – and as a calorie burner. Consisting of a series of deep-breathing exercises and ‘poses’, these can be adapted to suit any fitness level.  A typical half hour session will burn around 200 calories.
And the good news is you can do a yoga workout with working up too much of a sweat which is great if you are really pushed for time. If you want try yoga of greater intensity, then consider options like Hot Yoga, Power Yoga or Zero Gravity Yoga.
Quite simply the easiest and most accessible form of workout is walking. Without the joint jarring that occurs when running, walking is a workout that can easily be fitted into your daily routine or added as a leisure pursuit during your free time.
If you are not used to a walking workout, then start with a short distance at a comfortable pace. The number of calories burned will depend not only on your size, but your speed and route.  An average sized woman walking on a flat route at around 3mph will burn around 150 calories.
Note: Calorie burn figures are approximate as they are dependent on bodyweight, the intensity of the workout, routines or routes followed and individual fitness level