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Weigh In Day!

24 May

Got to love Thursday’s.

Especially this particular Thursday.

The sun has been shining. Finally spring has sprung. It’s gorgeous out there.

Thursday’s are my Weightwatchers weigh in day. Even when I have tracked really well and done plenty of exercise I still feel nervous. Once when I had put on weight, it was after tracking and exercise galore so I always get a bit wary.

The past few weeks, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been trying to reach my mini goal of 16stone. Erm some of you will read back this blog and see around this time last year I mentioned getting to 16stone….I might have exaggerated. :-/

If I remember correctly I actually got to 16st 1lb. Sorry!!!

Well, no more fibs!

I lost 1.5lbs this week and finally reached that milestone! 16st on the button

I felt genuinely emotional.

Back in 2009 I managed to get to 15st10 (roughly) and that’s the lightest I remember being as an adult.

But in recent times, I have not managed to get under 16st so I hope you can all share how great I feel about this. No fibs or exaggerations. Yay me!


The picture above is my proof for y’all, heehee. It’s my Weightwatchers tracking card. Ain’t it pretty???

Moving on slightly, the past week I have seen some amazing progress pictures from my friends and acquaintances. Not just weight loss but health and fitness challenges you guys have set yourselves.

It made me feel so proud and I feel like we should celebrate our successes and achievements so I have decided to start a new project!

I will be be featuring those friends and their successes on my blog. I haven’t sorted the final details but it will probably a fortnightly post including a little interview with the amazing people and some pictures.

I am not the only one on a journey and I can’t wait to show you the others.

Watch this space and expect the first one up in the next couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

Final bit of news in this update.

My boyfriend bought me a gorgeous watch for Xmas that had this amazing wrap around strap.

When I first wore the watch it was fastened on the second notch.

This is the notch I wear it on now:


Welcome to notch number 7! Pow!

Toddles xxxx

Please Excuse The Delay

19 May

Hi everybody!

This is my first WordPress blog and I’m very excited to welcome you to the new page! Thanks for visiting.

It’s been a month since my last post as I was reminded the other day. So a brief update for you all.

My current weight of Thursday the 17th May is 16st 1.5lbs. I plateaued for a few weeks and it hit me hard. I stayed the same for one week and lost (only) half a lb the following week. This always happens when I get close to 16st and I haven’t been below 16st since maybe 2009. Early 2009 at that. So I’m at a real turning point right now. The past two weeks however, I have managed to lose 3.5lbs so I’m hoping that means I’m over it.

My wonderful Weightwatchers leader sensed I was struggling and to help keep me motivated she has given me a mini challenge of getting under 16st by the 31st May. Two weeks left to lose 2lbs. Come on Leelee!!!! This can be done.

It was a really pleasant surprise losing this week as the weekend of the 11th May was the Southport Weekender. For those who haven’t been, this is a music weekender usually full of way too much booze, little or bad food and no sleep!!! I won’t upload the pic of me last year passed out but I usually get very drunk.

Not this year though. I did drink but I don’t think I actually got drunk. I bought a couple of WW meals and some fruit and tried not to binge eat, although I did eat some rubbish. I also wore my WW pedometer which had me earning about 30activity points a day. So I really managed to burn some calories! 6hours dancing in Powerhouse will shed those lbs.

A really pleasing outcome and a fantastic weekend.

I really threw fit a couple of weeks ago. I bought my monthly WW magazine and expected to feel really inspired by all the amazing weightloss stories but instead, I when looked upon the cover and saw that the cover star had lost two stone in 4 months and on reading the article she had dropped 4 dress sizes I felt really bitter.


Bearing in mind I mid-plateau, I just thought “this is not fair”. I’ve been on the plan for almost 6months and still not hit my two stone and have barely gone from a size 18 to a size 16. I kid you not, I sulked for hours. I felt resentment to this poor woman who had done soooo well. What was wrong with me. I really had to work hard to pull myself out of this one. I did,of course, come to the realisation that we are all difference and have different shaped bodied and lose weight differently blah blah blah, but I just want to buy a pair of size14 trousers lol, but not.

On the subject of trousers, I am so angry with New Look!!! I am now in desperate of new work clothes and New Look used to be one of the only reasonably priced places that I could get long length trouser for a decent price. They have now stopped doing a Tall section in all of their stores and have such a small selection online that they rarely have my size.
Where my size is changing its important that im able to try clothes on in store to get the right fit. It’s impossible. I had to buy a pair of size 18 trousers in a 34inch leg just so that they would be hanging low in order for them to be long enough. I don’t think you can comprehend how upsetting that is.
When I’m at goal I’ll splash out in longtallsally or what ever but right now that’s not an option. I wrote a letter of complaint but got no reply.

I’m going to finish there for now.

Here is a pic of me. Spot the difference! Loool


Big loves,

Please share and follow for updates


Ups and Downs but always smiling :-D

18 Apr
Hey guys,
Its been a few weeks. Lots been happening a lot to smile about as always.
When I last posted I talked about my devastation that I had put on 1.5lbs. I cried in the meeting and felt really crap. I also missed a dinner as I felt it wouldn’t help my situation.
Well, it was all about putting my mind back in the right place. The positive place. I had already lost so much weight and was doing great, so one week with a small put on was nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things.
I went back the following week and I had lost 5lbs. I was ecstatic. I felt like I had won a gold medal. That was my biggest weekly loss to date and I was happy….
That Saturday I went to my friends house. We were celebrating a friends birthday and she had made cake, bought my favourite wine. There was champagne. In short it was, for me, heaven!!! So I ate and I drank and I ate and I drank.
I also didn’t exercise that week. I just felt really lethargic, tired and lazy. So went for weight in on the Thursday and I had put on 2.5lbs. This time there were no tears. No upset. I expected to put on as I knew I hadn’t been trying. You know sometimes you just want to spend a few days sleeping? That was me. I was a bit fluey one day and it left me wiped out for the week.
But you know how it goes. I had to get back on the horse and try again. By the end of the week I was feeling so much better. I’ve bought this Jillian Michaels DVD so been doing a bit of that till I twinged my back. Felt like I’d trapped a nerve. It hurt but I had set myself a mini goal… 
In preparation for my Race for Life I had promised myself that I would run a 10k in order to know that I could definitely do it.
I did it, I actually did it. I ran non-stop from my house in leafy Blackheath borders up through Kidbrook, down through Blackheath, in to Deptford, round through Lewisham, up Belmont Hill and back in to the block!! I only stopped for traffic lights. I ran it in 1hour 14mins. The 10k its self in 1hour 12mins but I had to then get home which was another two minutes.
I was soooo proud, Joy was not the word. You now all that the piece of mind that if you sponsor me, I will be definitely be running that 10k even quicker than what I’ve already done. I have already beat my 5k personal best so something is working.
When running I use the Nike+ GPS app to track and record how I’m doing. This links in with my facebook. So if your on my facebook, you see I have started a run, please “like” it as when you do that, I get actual cheers through my headphones. It really spurs me on. So help a sista out πŸ™‚
Another great achievement over the past few weeks. Six months ago I went to the doctor to get my contraceptive pill. At the time I was told I had 6 months to lose weight as my BMI was 35 and with a BMI that high you are not supposed to have the pill. So I went back this Monday and the Doctor was hugely impressed. My BMI has gone down to 32 and I can now continue to have my pill. Cos we don’t want any mini Leeanne’s yet do we…..
But I felt like I had done something great and when I go back in 6 months I hope my BMI will be in the 20’s πŸ™‚
Finally I had a great compliment on Saturday night. The lady might have been exaggerating but she turned and said she didn’t recognise me at first as I was looking so good. I wanted to cry πŸ™‚
So that’s its from me for now. Enjoy the piccy’s and we’ll talk soon.


2 Steps Back?

23 Mar
Hey Guys.
So, I’m not happy. Brief update before I launch in to it.
  • Gyms been going well. Been doing hips bums and tums and fat burner classes. Haven’t been running as much but still staying active.
  • Size 16 work trousers are starting to get baggy!
  • Signed up for RACE FOR LIFE – 10k (sponsor me here)
  • As of last week I had lost 19.5lbs since I weighed myself on the second of January…
And then…
Horror struck!
Weight watchers last night and I had somehow managed to gain 1.5lbs. I was actually devastated.

I cried like a loser baby in the meeting. I felt a failure. Yes, I did indulge on Mothers day, but I tracked and yes I did go to Strada, but I tracked. I didn’t use all my 49 weekly points and the rest of the week was actually really on point in terms of eating. I was more active this week. I really went for it in my classes so how the hell did I managed to put on 1.5lbs.
But today is a new day. I’m over it and this week will now be a new start, maybe add in a bit more cardio and aerobic exercise. Will not punish myself by eating less as that defeats the objects. I will still daily eat my 40 points and just hope for a better result next week. πŸ™‚
But in light of this I have decided not to go for dinner tonight. The BF’s sister’s boyfriend’s birthday dinner at a Chinese Buffet All You Can Eat. Now any one who knows me knows that my favourite place in the whole world is an all you can eat buffet!! Those places are like little rooms of heaven!!! But actually, I know that I wont be able to accurately track. I will feel guilty at what I’m eating and it will be a waste of money because I wont want to eat and then get my money’s worth and I’ll be miserable. Not once since I started WW have I felt like I’m missing out and I don’t want to start now and going to dinner will put me in a bad place.
If this was next week or last week I probably would go with out a second thought and I probably would track what I could but I know there is no way I could do all of it but wouldn’t be stressed about it.
I’ll hit up the bowling after, not feeling stuffed and bloated and therefore will be a better bowler and beat everyone *Evil Laugh*
Brings me round to a thought in my head though. Can I, or indeed should I, avoid places like Chinese buffets forever? Places like that are a real minefield and knowing my tendency to literally stuff my face till I pass out is that stepping on dangerous ground. My mind says “well I’ve paid for all I can eat, so I’m going to eat all that I can”. Its like a challenge I can just not refuse.

So is the only way for me to really overcome this by sticking to easy track restaurants and food outlets?

Is that fair on my friends and loved ones who might want to be a bit more spontaneous?  One to put to them I think.
I do feel bad that I’m not going to this dinner but I know I would be happier not being there.
So, moving forward, goals for this week!!
  • Keep it moving and start prepping for my run. – I shall complete two runs this week.
  • Make home lunches! πŸ™‚
  • Take some pics
 Ok, that’s it for now. Im out. Sponsor me. Thanks always for your encouragements πŸ™‚

Some pics yeaaaaaaaaah

27 Feb

This post serves no purpose except to show you some pics I have taken. 



Some cupcakes I made using a Weightwatchers recipe – 3 points each, YUM

 Lifting weights, cos that’s how I roll!!!

Before a run. Looking pimpy!

After my run, not looking pimpy (I dont know how to make this go in the middle) 😦
Valentines dinner I made for me and the mister – All Weightwatchers πŸ™‚ 

A route my friend and I ran – I didnt notice that the park was called Hilly Fields – We diverted 

All my Weightwatchers goodies! 

2012 so far

16 Feb

Hi everybody (dr Nick Riviera voice)

So, here’s what happened.

My friend was like, join Weightwatchers and Im like, naaaah hate that shite. Then (see last blog post) I was 18.3st and I felt awful, I felt I had let everyone down as well as myself so I joined WW.

6 weeks later omg!!!!! I now weight 17.2 (and a half)st yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’ve lost 14.5lbs, THATS OVER 5% OF MY BODY WEIGHT πŸ™‚

I feel good. I feel proud and I feel back on track.

I can honestly say, I did not think this would work. Rubbish!! and tracking, forget that. but you know what it is working and I was wrong.

Having my Char to go with every week is amazing, we’re counting on each other, we spur each other on during the week and I don’t feel alone.

The first couple of weeks were really hard. I just didn’t get it. I thought I had been given too many points. 43 a day is a lot (im now on 41 points a day) and I got told off for not eating them all but with some perseverance I’ve gotten the hang of it.

The next step is to add in more exercise. I was doing the running club but for some reason ended up being really ill after each session, Im talking about throwing up all night ill. Was doing too much to soon so took a break and then got lazy so need to sort that out, but even though I haven’t been exercising, Im still losing!!! the possibilities if I do manage to break a sweat with my fat bottom are unreal.

The BF has also been on a quest like me….(We’re are both feeders and enablers) and he is doing fantastic too and has lost about a stone. So proud of him.

So that’s a little update.

You know me by now, I blog in fits and spurts, but I’ll try to keep this up! My next goal is to get to 16.7st .

Lets see how it goes

Love love

Best low-intensity workouts that burn calories – For lazy people!! like me!!!

3 Nov

Best low-intensity workouts that burn calories

If you are not into highly rigorous exercise, then more moderate workouts like Tai Chi, yoga or exercising in water can all offer a low-intensity alternative, yet still make a series dent in your calorie burn count.
Water workouts
Exercise in water is a great workout and ideal for those who are starting out in fitness or coming back after an injury. There are a variety of options, from a full aqua aerobic session to walking on underwater treadmills.
The water supports your bodyweight, minimising the impact on joints. The number of calories burned is dependent on the depth of the water – the deeper the water, the greater the calorie burn. On average, a half hour session will burn around 200 calories.
Tai Chi
At first sight, Tai Chi may not appear as the most taxing of workouts, yet the flowing succession of graceful movements can be a great calorie burner. Tai Chi may be low impact, yet a half hour session can burn on average 140 calories.
When done correctly, Tai Chi raises the heart rate significantly (to approximately 60 per cent of maximum). In addition to the calorie burn, there are other benefits including improved strength, flexibility, concentration and balance.
Inline skating
Skating provides a great low impact workout which some studies have suggested provides the same level of aerobic activity as running. The calorie burn will depend on your size, effort and route, but half an hour skating could burn around 200 calories.
Skating develops muscles in the entire upper leg, rear end and hip, as well as the lower back. Muscles in the upper arms and shoulders are also developed when arms are swung backwards and forwards while skating. Increase your calorie burn just by swinging more vigorously.

Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout and suitable for all due to the water cushioning on your joints as you swim. Breaststroke is the lowest intensity stroke and as such burns fewer calories – around 180 calories for a half hour session – but it’s also enables you to swim for longer.
Breaststroke expands the lungs, works the chest muscles and inner thigh, shoulders, triceps, legs and hamstrings – and some even swear it increases the size of your breasts! Swimming other strokes can increase your calorie burn.
Yoga is great for improving your strength, flexibility, muscle tone and reducing stress – and as a calorie burner. Consisting of a series of deep-breathing exercises and β€˜poses’, these can be adapted to suit any fitness level.  A typical half hour session will burn around 200 calories.
And the good news is you can do a yoga workout with working up too much of a sweat which is great if you are really pushed for time. If you want try yoga of greater intensity, then consider options like Hot Yoga, Power Yoga or Zero Gravity Yoga.
Quite simply the easiest and most accessible form of workout is walking. Without the joint jarring that occurs when running, walking is a workout that can easily be fitted into your daily routine or added as a leisure pursuit during your free time.
If you are not used to a walking workout, then start with a short distance at a comfortable pace. The number of calories burned will depend not only on your size, but your speed and route.  An average sized woman walking on a flat route at around 3mph will burn around 150 calories.
Note: Calorie burn figures are approximate as they are dependent on bodyweight, the intensity of the workout, routines or routes followed and individual fitness level