Weigh In Day -Thursday 14 June baby!

14 Jun


Me again. Welcome to Thursday. 🙂

Not really done much this week. No running. No excuses. Just no running.

Me and the mister shared this:


Was totes yum. Super nom.

Other than that I didn’t stray of the eaten path (see what I did there, damn I’m clever).

So today’s weigh in.

Last week I told my leader I hoped to lose 1.5lbs. Knowing I hadn’t done any exercise, I wasn’t expecting the loss I wanted. We all know there is a greater chance of weight loss if you exercise.

But somehow, I did it. 1.5lbs off. Happy days. Very happy days.

I started to feel nervous today as I’m sure i’m due to put on a lb or two any daynow. If and when that happens I really want to be sure I am as far from 16stone as possible.

I refuse to be back there ever again.

So now at 15st11lbs I can really feel progress being made.

Guys, I’ve had a lot of blog love this week.

I’m almost at 1000 blog views. Please keep reading and sharing. I appreciate it more than you know!!!

Ooh ooh look at my work skirts! I wear the small one now!



One Response to “Weigh In Day -Thursday 14 June baby!”

  1. Nii-Teiko June 15, 2012 at 10:18 am #


    The Almighty’s Blessings

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