Introducing Inspiration!

11 Jun

Since I have been doing me blog I have had a lot of people tell me how I have inspired them. I love all the positive comments I get from people and the fact that all around me I see people who are trying to better their health and fitness in various ways, but, I do not consider myself an inspiration. I wanted to show you all what I think real inspiration is. So although late coming, here is the first of hopefully many inspirational interviews for you to read and REALLY feel inspired by.

First up is an interview with one of my close friends, Angel Dee.


Angel is someone who over the few years that I have known her has really taught me that determination gets you anywhere. Over the past year she has taken up a series of health and fitness challenges to benefit her and others. Even in her down moments she is always looking for others to help and inspire and I can never forget all the help she has given me on various things. Pushes with out being pushy. Encourages even on her darkest days and cares unfaultingly.

People, I introduce to you, Miss Angel Dee.

Known as: Angel Dee/Angel Deelight/ Mum
Age: 32
Goal: Run a marathon

Can you tell us about you Angel Dee’s Year of Amazingness?

It was actually called the Year of the Unstoppabable, but we’ll go with this running title for now, lol. It has been a very long and tough road, but the goals I set myself have culminated in last Sunday’s Marathon in Edinburgh. It started off as signing up for the Edinburgh Marathon after not getting a place at Virgin London Marathon, I then decided to participate at Silverstone as a warm up, and on the spur of the moment decided to add to it by doing a bungee jump.


What events have you taken part in so far and how much have you raised?

I have now completed the three events and my target was £500 which I have met and exceeded, so pleased about that, it has not been easy so the donations from people who believe in you and what you’re killing yourself for means a great deal. Thanks to everyone that has, to anyone that still wants to, there is still time and every penny is well received.

When did your journey begin and what was it that kick started it?

I wanted to run a marathon as part of my bucket list, for a long time thought it would never happen. I watched the London Marathon as I always do and signed up as soon as the ballot opened April 2011 and waited for the result which comes out in the October. In the meantime, three of my friends signed up and we said we would train together. Long story short only one of us got in and I have been training with him ever since.

How did you go about achieving your goal?

It started with being able to run to the end of the road and round that corner without stopping. The next time I went out was was that plus two lampposts along, the next time a little further ’til I ran a mile without stopping. Very frustrating as I am used to seeing instant results from when I used to train as a 100m runner. People have a preconceived notion that you get up one day and just run 10 miles. If it were that simple, we’d all do it. I just wanted to be good at it so I kept trying. Run Dem Crew ( also helped immensely as it meant I was able to run with more people who have similar stories and offer much needed advice.

What kept you motivated?

Lots of things, family friends and this urge to not wanting to fail. My training partner and good friend Darren is always there when I contact him and ask “10 mile run Sunday?” with the words “on it” when we hadn’t run that far. The following week, we’d just step it up another notch. He nor I never said no or let each other know if we were unsure we could do it. Hard getting up in sub zero temperatures over the Winter but knowing I wasn’t alone was my motivation.

Did you have any turning points or moments of self realisation?

There have been a few, the standout point for me was when I started running in double digits and not dying when we finished our run. To me it meant my hard work was paying off.

My biggest standout was crossing that finish line on Sunday. The realisation that my goal had been achieved after working toward it for so long was a huge reward, a huge rush of emotion which days later is still with me is something I cannot describe, but I wish everyone could feel that.

How did your family and friends support you?

Listening!! The days where I was at a low point, simply listening and reminding me how far I have come is the best support.

What do you feel was your biggest achievement along the way?

Finishing the half marathon at Silverstone in March for me made me think I could finish a whole marathon, until then it was just hypothetical.

Can you tell us a bit more about your spartan work outs? How did you get in to it?

Chaka comes to Run Dem Crew and I met him there, he then started these classes and being interested in getting my core as strong as possible and wanting to get some upper body strength in general, I decided to start doing the videos daily first due to childcare issues and have been attending the Friday classes for a couple of months.

His workouts are body weight training, no equipment needed. You can follow the videos anywhere, around ten to fifteen minutes long and most of all are FREE!! Highly recommended. The workouts have progressively gotten harder, so start from week one and work your way up if you need to!

Going forward, how will you ensure you maintain?

Having a break from long runs for now, but will keep up running ‘for fun’ now I don’t have any races to do until October (Amsterdam Half) Spartan class and am going to get into Bikram Yoga as I have done ‘regular’ yoga, need a change and it will at least maintain my flexibility and strength in the meantime.

What advice would you give to people who are on a similar journey to you?

Push yourself, if you aren’t sweaty at the end of the workout then you haven’t trained enough to make those changes you desire! Workout with friends if you can. Don’t see exercise as work, the moment you do and it isn’t fun for you then it just won’t work.

What are your top three tips you would give to anyone who wants to become a marathon or half marathon winner?

1. Gait analysis. Go to an independent shop for this. The right shoes for your feet/running style are VITAL. I cannot stress this enough.
2. Give yourself small goals and build on it. The notion of getting out of your bed one day and running 15 miles is a lot of pressure on your shoulders if you’ve never run more than run for a bus since you left school.
3. This is twofold as I believe that they are SO important. Fuel and clothing. What you eat/drink before a run is what comes out as you run. Crap food and drink may mean a crap run. May not notice when you’re running 3 miles, but come back to me when you’re running 16. Get comfortable, sensible clothing and ladies, running in your usual bra ain’t the one. Sports bra even if you’re like me and have nothing. Again, talk to me when you’re running 16 miles without a good sports bra.

…And a Spartan?

Get in touch with Chakabars!! The class is currently full with a waiting list but there maybe opportunity at a different location soon. And most of all it is FREE!! Those who are on a budget, there’ no excuse for slacking on your fitness goals when you can workout at home with his vids and as a group in the park. @chakabars on Twitter and his blog is

Where are you favourite running spots?

London is a lot more than a lot of people give it credit for, we try to incorporate the river in and a park. Running past the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park out across the bridge toward Westminster is nice. I also like Hyde and Greenwich Parks.

Favourite meal for recovery after all your action?

Steamed salmon with broccoli and wholewheat pasta makes me smile. Also I live for coconut water.

Favourite indulgent treat?

Chocolate. If I eat clean during the week, I totally dive into Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. Or Gu Hot Chocolate souffle.

What’s the next goal?

At this point, walking normally as my quads and glutes hate me, but I had a sports massage which has eased the pain. I entered the London Marathon ballot when it opened again this April so hopefully that will be my next full marathon. Talks of Ragnar Relay came up the other day, it’s pretty badass. If I could do that, it would be awesome. Otherwise just World Domination will do.

What is the link to your fundraising page? – although I have hit my target, it would mean SO much if I could get a little more. | @rundemcrew | @chakabars

Thank you do much Angel!

As always, love feedback and comments appreciated!

4 Responses to “Introducing Inspiration!”

  1. Nii-Teiko June 11, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    bloody heck – there’s no excuses is there lol. exercise still doesn’t isn’t really fun to me but vital it mos definitely is! gotta get back into it…

    thanks for this. she sounds and looks like a champ

    The Almighty’s Blessings

    • Nii-Teiko June 11, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

      “still doesn’t sound like fun to me” I meant

  2. God June 17, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    Can I av this birds number please. Wanna ‘interview’ her


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