Weigh in. (sometimes miracles happen)

8 Jun

Hi guys!

Firstly, an apology. I promised a special blog post last Sunday and it hasn’t yet gone up. That’s because I am rubbish. It will be up in the next couple of days. 🙂 It’s worth waiting for.

Ok, back to business as usual.

Been an odd week. Mainly because due to the Queens jubilee we had a 4 day weekend here in the UK. A weekend when the Queen wanted us to party like rockstars. And party we did.


I had a massively amazing blow out. Quick run down.

Friday: Wetherspoons with the Mister. Sharing platter. Dessert. Booze.

Saturday: Pizza with the Mister. (I promised myself Dominos once I got under 16st).

Sunday: A good day 🙂

Monday: One of my besties came to stay. She bought homemade cheesecake. Two kinds. Nom. We had wine. Lots of it. And those BBQ skewer type things. Super nom.

Tuesday: chilli and oven chips. Homemade chilli. Mmmmmm

Now, I know all of that was way over my dailies and weeklies. I didn’t track as I had no access to e-source – the online weight watchers tracking system.

The one thing I did do well this week was exercise. I ran 4 times i think. Beat last weeks mileage anyway.


But I had to be realistic. Was running a few times really going to burn off all that food and drink?
No way mate.

By Thursday morning I was feeling really crappy. Why couldn’t I have more restraint? Resisted the urge. The pizza could have waited till this weekend.

I felt like I had subconsciously done this on purpose.

Begged Bethalicious for the scales in the morning. I had to know before the meeting what I had let myself in for. Be prepared for the damage. I’m pleased to say she stayed strong. Gave me a stern look and told me not to be silly. I sulked.

We made a deal. If I had put on weight Beth would owe me a run (if one day I couldn’t be bothered to run, she would go for me) and vice versa if I had lost weight.

Got to the meeting and I think one of the first things I said to my leader was that I had put on.

I think half the meeting were in the same boat as me as it was a very small meeting. I’m guessing people took a week off to undo the jubilee naughtiness heehee. But one think I have learnt is that there is no point hiding from the truth. Just find out, deal with it and start again. Even if you lose weight. Take each new week and day as a fresh start.

I told the leader, Saz, that I didn’t want to know the damage as I stepped on the scales. “Are you sure?” she said. I opened on eye and looked at her.

Half a lb off! I almost fainted.

So miracles can happen.

I don’t know how it happened but man, I was pleased.
I won’t be doing that again though (famous last words).

I made a secret promise to myself that I won’t ever be over 16stone again and I almost undid that promise in less than a week. Fool of a Took!

I know that not every week will be a perfect week but everything in moderation. I know I can enjoy the things I want with tracking and planning, but in all honesty, I just binged this week.

My e-source is up and running again. I would love a lb and a half this week, but no pressure. I’ll see what happens.

See you in a few days. As always love and kisses. Please comment and share



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