Ups and Downs but always smiling :-D

18 Apr
Hey guys,
Its been a few weeks. Lots been happening a lot to smile about as always.
When I last posted I talked about my devastation that I had put on 1.5lbs. I cried in the meeting and felt really crap. I also missed a dinner as I felt it wouldn’t help my situation.
Well, it was all about putting my mind back in the right place. The positive place. I had already lost so much weight and was doing great, so one week with a small put on was nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things.
I went back the following week and I had lost 5lbs. I was ecstatic. I felt like I had won a gold medal. That was my biggest weekly loss to date and I was happy….
That Saturday I went to my friends house. We were celebrating a friends birthday and she had made cake, bought my favourite wine. There was champagne. In short it was, for me, heaven!!! So I ate and I drank and I ate and I drank.
I also didn’t exercise that week. I just felt really lethargic, tired and lazy. So went for weight in on the Thursday and I had put on 2.5lbs. This time there were no tears. No upset. I expected to put on as I knew I hadn’t been trying. You know sometimes you just want to spend a few days sleeping? That was me. I was a bit fluey one day and it left me wiped out for the week.
But you know how it goes. I had to get back on the horse and try again. By the end of the week I was feeling so much better. I’ve bought this Jillian Michaels DVD so been doing a bit of that till I twinged my back. Felt like I’d trapped a nerve. It hurt but I had set myself a mini goal… 
In preparation for my Race for Life I had promised myself that I would run a 10k in order to know that I could definitely do it.
I did it, I actually did it. I ran non-stop from my house in leafy Blackheath borders up through Kidbrook, down through Blackheath, in to Deptford, round through Lewisham, up Belmont Hill and back in to the block!! I only stopped for traffic lights. I ran it in 1hour 14mins. The 10k its self in 1hour 12mins but I had to then get home which was another two minutes.
I was soooo proud, Joy was not the word. You now all that the piece of mind that if you sponsor me, I will be definitely be running that 10k even quicker than what I’ve already done. I have already beat my 5k personal best so something is working.
When running I use the Nike+ GPS app to track and record how I’m doing. This links in with my facebook. So if your on my facebook, you see I have started a run, please “like” it as when you do that, I get actual cheers through my headphones. It really spurs me on. So help a sista out 🙂
Another great achievement over the past few weeks. Six months ago I went to the doctor to get my contraceptive pill. At the time I was told I had 6 months to lose weight as my BMI was 35 and with a BMI that high you are not supposed to have the pill. So I went back this Monday and the Doctor was hugely impressed. My BMI has gone down to 32 and I can now continue to have my pill. Cos we don’t want any mini Leeanne’s yet do we…..
But I felt like I had done something great and when I go back in 6 months I hope my BMI will be in the 20’s 🙂
Finally I had a great compliment on Saturday night. The lady might have been exaggerating but she turned and said she didn’t recognise me at first as I was looking so good. I wanted to cry 🙂
So that’s its from me for now. Enjoy the piccy’s and we’ll talk soon.


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