2 Steps Back?

23 Mar
Hey Guys.
So, I’m not happy. Brief update before I launch in to it.
  • Gyms been going well. Been doing hips bums and tums and fat burner classes. Haven’t been running as much but still staying active.
  • Size 16 work trousers are starting to get baggy!
  • Signed up for RACE FOR LIFE – 10k (sponsor me here)
  • As of last week I had lost 19.5lbs since I weighed myself on the second of January…
And then…
Horror struck!
Weight watchers last night and I had somehow managed to gain 1.5lbs. I was actually devastated.

I cried like a loser baby in the meeting. I felt a failure. Yes, I did indulge on Mothers day, but I tracked and yes I did go to Strada, but I tracked. I didn’t use all my 49 weekly points and the rest of the week was actually really on point in terms of eating. I was more active this week. I really went for it in my classes so how the hell did I managed to put on 1.5lbs.
But today is a new day. I’m over it and this week will now be a new start, maybe add in a bit more cardio and aerobic exercise. Will not punish myself by eating less as that defeats the objects. I will still daily eat my 40 points and just hope for a better result next week. 🙂
But in light of this I have decided not to go for dinner tonight. The BF’s sister’s boyfriend’s birthday dinner at a Chinese Buffet All You Can Eat. Now any one who knows me knows that my favourite place in the whole world is an all you can eat buffet!! Those places are like little rooms of heaven!!! But actually, I know that I wont be able to accurately track. I will feel guilty at what I’m eating and it will be a waste of money because I wont want to eat and then get my money’s worth and I’ll be miserable. Not once since I started WW have I felt like I’m missing out and I don’t want to start now and going to dinner will put me in a bad place.
If this was next week or last week I probably would go with out a second thought and I probably would track what I could but I know there is no way I could do all of it but wouldn’t be stressed about it.
I’ll hit up the bowling after, not feeling stuffed and bloated and therefore will be a better bowler and beat everyone *Evil Laugh*
Brings me round to a thought in my head though. Can I, or indeed should I, avoid places like Chinese buffets forever? Places like that are a real minefield and knowing my tendency to literally stuff my face till I pass out is that stepping on dangerous ground. My mind says “well I’ve paid for all I can eat, so I’m going to eat all that I can”. Its like a challenge I can just not refuse.

So is the only way for me to really overcome this by sticking to easy track restaurants and food outlets?

Is that fair on my friends and loved ones who might want to be a bit more spontaneous?  One to put to them I think.
I do feel bad that I’m not going to this dinner but I know I would be happier not being there.
So, moving forward, goals for this week!!
  • Keep it moving and start prepping for my run. – I shall complete two runs this week.
  • Make home lunches! 🙂
  • Take some pics
 Ok, that’s it for now. Im out. Sponsor me. Thanks always for your encouragements 🙂

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