Weigh in day – bits and bobs.

8 Nov
Did my weigh in this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Lost a further 4lbs this week, so 6lbs in total taking back to just under my starting weight. What a great week!
My next goal is to get back to 17 on the button and I’m hoping to do this in another 2 weeks max. That said, I’m not looking to put undue pressure on myself, I will be carrying on as I have been – Absvember, meal planning and upping my non gym exercise regime (rowing, running and generally being more active). I’m also hoping to add swimming in to this mix.
I did my first 5k in a long time the other day. did it in 40mins. I used to be able to do them in 30 so that’s a target for me but damn, Blackheath is hilly and I live on a hill. Life is full of ups and down (geddit, hahabonk)
Got some more food pics to upload. My eating has changed a lot over the past week or so. I’m now getting up a little earlier in the mornings and having breakfast before I leave. Either sugar and slat free muesli or 2 weetabix. then around 2.5/3 hours later at work a slice of wholemeal toast with flora. Around just before lunch if I’m peckish a fruit snake and then lunch around 12.45. Mid afternoon fruit snack and then dinner as early as I can when I get home.
I don’t feel as peckish in the evening and I have decided from this week no carbs when I get home unless I am running. In which case I’ll have a small bowl of wholemeal pasta or brown rice. My own question is should I have it before or after I run? Help any one?
Oh yeah, I did this water intake thingy which was posted on the Thru the Blue blog which told me I’m supposed to be drinking 4 litres of water a day. I struggle to drink a quarter of that. It used to be the case that my fluid in take was from any food I had but I’ve really been trying and I’m averaging about 3 ltrs a day which is probably sufficient.
What’s your water intake?
Please let me know what you think and pass my blog around. I get so many positive comments from you all and I really truly appreciate them all.

One Response to “Weigh in day – bits and bobs.”

  1. thrutheblue November 8, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    Eat the pasta before the run so you fuel it, and if you are peckish after, something high protein for recovery!Sure 3 litres is good hun!

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