Scampi and Chips… erm not really

2 Nov

So I planned out my dinner for the whole week. Today was “scampi” and “Chips”

I got to give it to weight watchers, they really tried. The scampi was made using polenta and baked in the oven. No fried food ever ‘ere mate!

The chips were bake potato and sweet potato wedges (seasoned to taste)

It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t scampi and chips. Had to use a dash of sweet chilli sauce to flavour it up a bit. I’ll put up a pic from my phone in a while..

Oh yeah, I must tell you all that I now have blogger on my Iphone so you’re gonna get all kinds of random postings from me. Sorry. *naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart*

Day 2 – Absvember
Today was a rest day, although I was attempting to ‘stay woke’. Basically, have been trying to keep my core engaged as much as possible all day. That shizz is tiring maaaan. But I adjusted my desk chair to help me sit better and my foot rest too. I feel taller and more aware, but its bladdy hard work. Onwards we plough

Rest day didn’t mean no rest… Although it did mean walking in the rain as I refuse to now take the bus to and from the station.. Every power walk counts. And the London Bridge escalator is killing me. A bit like Silas from hollyoaks, which I watched whilst pumping it on the rowing machine. Fun times basically.

So yeah a productive day, feeling good after yesterdays 2lb loss. Let’s keep it up! 



One Response to “Scampi and Chips… erm not really”

  1. thrutheblue November 3, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    Sounds great! Its all about the little things. I now walk to work every day – just under 3 miles but I swear its a big contributor to maintaining my ideal weight x

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