Weekly Weigh In – Thursday 24 March 2011

24 Mar
So, it’s that time again. 

A more positive week in general. I have felt less pressure on myself, by myself. I had the weekend off as you all know and it did me good. Gyms been fab. A spin class that really pushed me and my usual work outs. 

So here we are back to Thursday again, feeling a little under the weather, but pushed through it. Im not going to stop reaching for the prize. It’s somewhere up there.

It’s getting late though and I’m tired, so let me get to the facts

Weight last week:

16st 6lb

Weight today…..

16st 5lb. 

So thats another lb gone woohoo. Im pleased (ish), mostly, just a little niggle but meh

Well done me 🙂

The tracker is saying I’ve lost 14lbs, but its actually 13.5 for some reason it rounds up which is annoying.

So half a lb more and I’ve reached that first goal, but I already feel Im there. Im so pleased and people are starting to comment that I look trimmer. Im also feeling loads better (minus the rundown-ness TTKK)

Im aiming to do the stairs at work at least once a day. They’re 4 flights and today sprinted them. Admittedly I thought I was gonna faint after, but I didnt so yay me again.

Im now on to my next mini goal which is to be under 16stone. Last time I was under 16 stone was in 2008 I believe. So lets make this happen 🙂

Can you feel my positive vibes???? I know you can 🙂

Now for the rest of my measurements

03/03/11                   07/03/11            17/03/11                  24/03/11
 90cm                          88cm                86cm                       86cm

03/03/11                     07/03/11             17/03/11                 24/03/11
 130cm                       126cm                126cm                     125

So still a lil loss there as well.

Slowly, surely and lets hope this green tea stuff bladdy works. 


Love Love

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