The Green Tea Debate

23 Mar
So, yesterday a colleague challenged me to try the magical health juice that is green tea.
Apparently it it contains amazing anti-oxidants, speeds up your metabolism and is host to a whole other range of health improving stats.
Sounds like heaven right? My only problem… I don’t like any tea that isn’t fruity. Gimme a Red Berry infusion or  Peppermint Medley and I’m happy, but tea that tastes like tea, or bitter like green tea 😦 no thanks.
But a challenge is a challenge and I can not turn one down. It goes against my very being. Go on, try it. Challenge me to something (non life threatening of course) right now.. Challenge accepted!
So after work I plodded down to Tesco with the sole intention of getting some green tea and some honey (which I heard can sweeten it a little). I also got some Jacket Potatoes, Carrots, weight watchers baked beans and Balsamic vinegar in case you were wondering.
I wanted to find out what other people thought of green tea and the health benefits so put out a status on Facebook asking for info and opinions. Thanks to everyone for the responses.
It seems although green tea with added fruits and flavours, Grapefruit and lemon etc, help with the taste, it appears they take away from the goodness of the tea. Obviously I want to get the most out of this so I have decided to stick to pure green tea with out additions.
It was also mentioned I should try the actual green tea leaves as opposed to tea bags and that I could find these in any good Chinese herbal shop so after work I shall be popping in to the shop next to my gym to see what they have to offer. Will need to get a tea strainer though.
I’m quite looking forward to a couple of things…It having so effect to I can be proved right (that’s the competitor in me) or it being amazing and I feel better and lose a little more weight. Hopefully if the latter happens, it won’t be due to me thinking its working when its really a placebo as has also be suggested.
So, as I sit here typing this I’m drinking my first cup of green tea today and my second of this challenge, if anyone has any further hints and tips on drinking it and the benefits, pleeeeeease let me know especially if you have seen the benefits for yourself.

Go on, write something :-)

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