Weekly Weigh In – Thursday 17 March 2011

17 Mar

This week has been so hard. All week I could tell that I wasn’t loosing anything. I felt down and I felt like nothing was changing. Those who have spoken to me know how badly I wanted to hit my first major goal of losing a stone this week. Not least cos I have a £40 bet with the Mister.

So, I stood on the scales this evening in the gym and they weighed me in at 16st 6lbs. A loss of 1lb. 

I know a loss is a loss but you know what, I’m upset. I’m disappointed and wondering what else I should have done. 

I’ve been switching it up at the gym, doing classes etc. So its frustrating that the loss isn’t what I was hoping. 

I need to stay positive and not let this get me down too much but I feel really Meh! at the moment. 

12lbs is a great loss. A fabulous loss so I’ll shake it off after a little sulk. 


21/02/11                                   03/03/11                     07/03/11            17/03/11
97cm                                        90cm                          88cm                86cm

21/02/11                                   03/03/11                     07/03/11             17/03/11
132cm                                       130cm                       126cm                126cm

Signing off my people



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