My Fear

16 Mar
My first major goal of dropping 1 stone is upon me.
Tomorrow is weigh in day and I have been going to the gym as often as before and eating well but I’m really scared that I wont have dropped the 3lbs that will take my total loss down to 1 stone.
I get emotional just thinking about it, especially as I haven’t even taken a sneak peak at the scales this week to see how I’m doing.
I have also been doing some toning/body pump classes and I’m really scared this will have upped my muscle content and we all know muscle weighs more than fat! What if I have put on??? 
Tomorrow will be a really big day for me and I’m hoping it goes well. I promise you’ll get the update good or bad as soon as I am home from the gym.
A few people I know are concerned that my priorities are wrong, that I what I should be focussing on is my health first and my weight second. Well as far as I am concerned, they go hand in hand. I can not be healthy the size I am now and as I lose weight through exercise and healthy eating I will become, a stronger, fitter and healthier woman. My BMI and blood pressure will go down as well the the size of clothes I wear. So whilst grateful for the concern, I am concrete in my certainty and reasons for doing this. 🙂

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