What!!! You want me to eat even less?!?!?!

11 Mar

Erm, so, apparently now that I have lost over 10lbs, My fitness pal has decided that I should adjust my daily calorie intake. I thought, “ooh cool it might give me some more”… Nope, no such luck.
My new daily calorie count is 1380, down from 1440.
I still think this is achievable, providing I stay away from the Surf and Turf (that is going to stay with me forever). I think usually my intake is about 1200. plus with the exercise to balance it out, its completely do-able.
Motivation is still going strong. I’m feeling great and yesterday I had my first “you look like you’ve lost weight” comment. From someone who isn’t aware of my blog or my quest, so that felt really good.
I just want to say Thank You to everyone who has been reading this blog so far. I’ve had so many positive comments and encouragement and its made me feel I can really do this.
I’ve also had some requests of pics for before and after purposes. I’ll have a look this weekend and dig a few out and perhaps I might do monthly or bi monthly visual updates.
Thanks guys.

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