Weekly Weigh In – Thursday 10 March 2011

10 Mar

Hello All, 

How’s it going?

So my second weigh in.

This week has been hard, I’ve been going to the gym loads and only snuffled 3 pancakes on Tuesday (with strawberries and banana)

But disaster stuck on Wednesday….Went to meet my friend for a coffee (frappachino for me) but Starbucks was closed. so, we headed in to the Weatherspoons (mistake number one). We decided we were hungry and looked at the menu. All the healthy stuff had calories counts next to it, but the standard stuff…nothing…..I wonder why??

I thought I could get a Surf and Turf. Knew it would be calorific but figured it would be around 800 or so, I could deal with that…I was well under my cals for the day (mistake number two).

(not my actual surf and turf)

It filled me up nicely, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm t’was amazing. 

Got home went to look it up on my app ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE CALORIES! What the frick! Who knew 😦

Very sad times, took me over my cals by about 120. 

But you live and learn. Was back im the gym today, back to eating good. I just need to be aware that even when you think its a little bad, it could be 100 times worse. 

Right, now, on to the fun stuff ay.

Last weeks weigh in had me at 16st 11lbs, wooo.

This week I am 🙂 🙂 🙂

16st 8lbs

Woohooo  loss of about 3lbs this week and 10.5 – 11lbs in total.

I’m so pleased for me…. 🙂 

Got to keep it up. This time next week, I’ll hopefully had lost my first stone and be the lightest i’ve been in about 2 and a half years. 

Now for the rest

21/02/11                                   03/03/11                     07/03/11
97cm                                        90cm                          88cm

21/02/11                                   03/03/11                     07/03/11
132cm                                       130cm                       126cm

So, a happy Specialee right now. 

Keep on coming back during the week. I promise i’ll get more exciting. I’ve been really busy this week, but I’ll make sure you get more from me than just my daily breakdowns. 

Pass this blog on to all your friends. 


3 Responses to “Weekly Weigh In – Thursday 10 March 2011”

  1. Amatullah March 11, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Whoop Whoop!I feel for you on the surf and turf. That has happened to me a few times especially on grilled food. You think there can't be much in it because its all GRILLED right? No sah!But yes, we live and learn and you STILL lost weight so WELL DONE and continue with the good work. xxx

  2. Specialee March 11, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    Its ridiculous! but yes, lesson definitley learnt. It was soo tasty though mmmm. Thanks lovely xxx

  3. Imani Writez March 15, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    Well done you for reaching this stage! Often people do not realise that it actually can be hard to break what are years worth of habits and lose weight so to be this close to having dropped a stone in a few weeks doing it alone is a thing to be proud of!Don't let the surf & turf stick with you because mistakes can be made, how we recover & deal is what matters and you've been real and honest about it – and the evidence of your continued hard work shows in you still losing 3lbs!Looking forward to further updates! Keep up the good work, this blog is VERY inspiring *blows dust off trainers n gym kit*

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