I’m in the mood for dancing

27 Feb

Who knew that dancing the night away would burn off as many calories as a gym session?
 The way the sweat was running down my forehead I felt like I was in the gym.

Supposedly I burnt off about 1k worth of calories last night which more than countered the alcohol I drank. 

I was actually really worried before the evening started. If I drank to much, would I ruin the whole weeks efforts. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve dramatically cut the amount of booze I drink (no alcho!) I don’t drink excessively but I love sweet cocktails, sugar filled disarrono and fruity Rosé’s.

In the end I did have a few drinks, as I came to the realisation that if whilst I’m walking this road I deny myself something I really want I’m going to end up resenting what I’m doing, losing my motivation and stopping full stop. 

I’m looking on it as a treat for losing 4.5lbs this week (I started my lifestyle change a few days before starting the blog)

I took some pictures of the night as you would expect and I really wasn’t happy with how they looked. 
I just seem so bloody wide. It’s like, my head looks fine, my legs look great, but that bit in the middle…. Our survey says… *2 thumbs down*

Oh well, the harder I work the more I’ll lose, right?


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