So Here’s Where It Starts

25 Feb

So, first posting.

I’m Specialee, I know most of my readers will know who I am and Im not going to hide it, but to make it easier to write about how I feel and stuff, I’m going to use Specialee.

A bit about me:
26 yrs old.
Extremely tall at 6ft
Current weight is 17st 0lbs
Ideal weight is 13st
Waist – 97cm
Hips – 132cm
Trousers 18-20
Tops 18

I dont look obese but my BMI is current 37.2. Some of you may know that a healthy BMI is between 18 and 25. Anything over 35 is just diabolical.

So the issues I face are:

  • I love food, all of it. 
  • I often lack motivation
  • I’ve been getting bigger and bigger, I don’t actually know what size I should be
  • I’m scared of failure
  • I don’t seem to have the off button which tells me when I am full.
I’ve got support though. My friends want to see me happy so they support me on this journey. I have a gym membership and I do use it, but have been slacking recently.

I’ll try to update this blog daily. Its going to contain my measurements, my weight loss, food diary and how Im feeling. Also any funny, interesting articles and things I find.

I hope you all enjoy


Go on, write something :-)

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